The Imposter — “Astonishing”

“Mind-blowing”… “All the more astonishing because it actually happened,” writes The Hollywood Reporter in praise of The Imposter, which opened Friday to wide acclaim (and is The New York Times Critics’ Pick this week). This “fiendishly clever” true-crime documentary explores the mystery of a 13 year-old Texas boy who disappeared in 1994 — He returns

Robo-Reboots @ Comic-Con

Comic books and movies once again join forces for Comic-Con (Thursday, July 12 through Sunday, July 15), with nearly 130,000 packing the San Diego Convention Center this week. Details of the Robocop reboot were released today from Comic-Con, just days after the viral teaser-trailer for the highly-anticipated film began buzzing across the Internet, the subject

Timothy J. DeBaets at the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

On Wednesday, July 18 from 9:30am to 11:00am, Timothy J. DeBaets will lead a discussion on legal issues in the television industry, as part of the Midmorning Exchange at the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in New York City. Mr. DeBaets will address some key legal concerns in a rapidly evolving landscape of

“American Gypsies” Tuesdays at 9pm on National Geographic

From Executive Producer Ralph Macchio and CDAS client Stick Figure Productions, comes American Gypsies, an intimate portrayal of the Johnses, a Romani family, and their effort to preserve age-old customs amid the vices of New York City, while upholding their family’s place in the community and expanding their psychic shop empire. Here in the course

“The Content Gold Rush: A Legal Perspective on the Future of Television”

(Update, July 12: In related news, CDAS attorney Steven A. Werier was quoted in Variety today — and in IP Law 360 — on yesterday’s ruling in the case of Aereo and its controversial business model, a closely-watched case the panel discussed). At an engaging panel held at The Modern in New York City recently

Mary E. Rasenberger on Extra-Territorial Online Piracy

On Saturday, August 4, during the Annual Meeting of the American Bar Association in Chicago, Mary E. Rasenberger will speak at the ABA’s Section on Intellectual Property Law, at the Open Forum’s “The Scope and Severity of Extra-Territorial Online Piracy and Counterfeiting”. Along with discussion of the key legislation, (COICA Act, PROTECT IP Act, OPEN

Mary E. Rasenberger Speaks on Copyright Developments in China

On Wednesday, July 25, Mary E. Rasenberger will be speaking at Fordham’s Luncheon Conference on Copyright Developments in China, on the panel “Developments in Substantive Copyright Law”. Cowan, DeBaets, Abrahams & Sheppard LLP is proud to sponsor this event. Tweet Follow Print Article Print Page

Nancy E. Wolff at PLI’s “Everything You Know is Wrong”

CDAS partner Nancy E. Wolff will be on the Practicing Law Institute (PLI) panel, “Everything You Know Is Wrong: Formerly Settled Copyright Issues”, (Monday, July 9th at 3:30pm, in San Francisco). This panel is part of PLI’s seminar “Understanding Copyright Law in the Data Era 2012”. Ms. Wolff and her fellow panelists will address such

Once Again, New Life for “My Reincarnation”

Beginning this week and next (check local listings) on PBS and streaming online: From record-breaking crowd-funding, to theaters, to PBS, public acclaim for My Reincarnation has once again given this compelling film renewed life. After an impressive theatrical run, the critically-acclaimed, award-winning documentary was picked-up to make its television premiere on PBS’ POV, kicking-off POV’s