Once Again, New Life for “My Reincarnation”


eginning this week and next (check local listings) on PBS and streaming online: From record-breaking crowd-funding, to theaters, to PBS, public acclaim for My Reincarnation has once again given this compelling film renewed life. After an impressive theatrical run, the critically-acclaimed, award-winning documentary was picked-up to make its television premiere on PBS’ POV, kicking-off POV’s 25th season. Jennifer Fox’s documentary follows Yeshi, the Westernized son of Buddhist master Chogal Namkhai Norbu. Yeshi has been acknowledged since the age of 5 to be the reincarnation of Khyentse, a great Dzogchen Buddhist master himself. Still Yeshi through his teens rebuffs a life expected by others as he remains emotionally estranged from his father. We follow Yeshi’s spiritual awakening as he struggles with who he truly is.

The film was supported by record-breaking crowd-funding, its producer/director Jennifer Fox raised $154,000 on Kickstarter, the most for a finished film and the most per donor of any film ever. (Robert I. Freedman represents producer/director Jennifer Fox, and Zohe Films).

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June 21, 2012