The Imposter — “Astonishing”


“Mind-blowing”… “All the more astonishing because it actually happened,” writes The Hollywood Reporter in praise of The Imposter, which opened Friday to wide acclaim (and is The New York Times Critics’ Pick this week). This “fiendishly clever” true-crime documentary explores the mystery of a 13 year-old Texas boy who disappeared in 1994 — He returns home almost four years later to tell a shocking account, but his “safe return” is only the first piece of a far larger puzzle. “So begins a story that nearly takes your head off with a series of amazements”, writes Peter Travers in Rolling Stone. Director Bart Layton masterfully twists through multiple-viewpoints, memory and deception to create a psychological noir-thriller “as strange and fascinating as anyone could desire”.

For The Imposter, legal: Susan H. Bodine for A&E, the producer/financier.

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July 16, 2012