Robo-Reboots @ Comic-Con


omic books and movies once again join forces for Comic-Con (Thursday, July 12 through Sunday, July 15), with nearly 130,000 packing the San Diego Convention Center this week. Details of the Robocop reboot were released today from Comic-Con, just days after the viral teaser-trailer for the highly-anticipated film began buzzing across the Internet, the subject of this week’s Los Angeles Times feature, Robocop Remake Marketing Starts Two Months Before Production. (The film releases August, 2013). Susan H. Bodine represents acclaimed Brazilian director José Padilha (Bus 174, Secrets of the Tribe, the Elite Squad series) in his Hollywood debut at the helm of Robocop.

And topping the New York Times Business Day section this week, In the Footsteps of Marvel spotlights comic book underdog Valiant Entertainment and its bid to launch a “Marvel-style” reboot. (Marvel went from bankruptcy in 1997 – trading at 93 cents per share – to Hollywood heavyweight – hitting $53 per share in 2009 when it sold to Disney for $4.3 billion). Valiant too has emerged from its own financial challenges and is now led by two executives who spent more than ten years at Marvel, including one as Chief Executive. They have teamed with turnaround specialist Peter Cuneo to mount a Valiant sequel to Marvel’s comeback. (The latest launch at Comic-Con yesterday from Valiant Comics features the action hero Bloodshot, the return of one of the best-selling comic book characters of the 1990s). Marc H. Simon represents Valiant.

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July 13, 2012