Copyright In the Data Age: Nancy E. Wolff to Lead Discussion


DAS Partner Nancy E. Wolff is one of the attorneys leading the session New Cases in Copyright Law – Internet and Beyond at the Fundamentals of Copyright Law in the Data Era event in Chicago and New York. The discussion will cover all the major recent copyright decisions. See below for a full event description:

New Cases in Copyright Law – Internet and Beyond

  • Newsworthy copyright cases
  • Impact of case law on copyright law practice
  • Possible future copyright conflicts   
  • Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons, Monge v. Maya Magazines, Harney v. Sony Pictures Television, Peters v. West, Petrella v. MGM, Paramount Pictures v. Puzo, Mattell v. MGA, Capitol Records v. Thomas-Rasset (cert. petition pending) and many more

David L. Rein, Jr., Nancy E. Wolff

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April 10, 2013