CDAS To Moderate Two Panels At BookExpo America This Week


DAS Partner Kenneth N. Swezey will moderate a panel on business opportunities and funding essentials in digital publishing at BookExpo America on Wednesday, May 28th. The event description is below, while additional details can be found here.

As new forms of digital content delivery become commonplace and investors begin seriously backing publishing startups, what do Entrepreneurs, Publishers and Authors need to know? This panel will include practical insight and best practices from seasoned entrepreneurs and investors that will help attendees understand the following: where to find the opportunities for funding in publishing tech; what publishing professionals need to know about tech companies and lean development principles; what the roles of the various players in the funding world are including, incubators, VCs, angel investors and syndicates; what the essential financial and control provisions that entrepreneurs should be familiar with on a term sheet; and what the established media and publishing companies are doing in the tech space.

On Thursday, May 27 CDAS Special Counsel Alex Gigante will lead a panel on protecting content and brand in a social media and digital world. He will be joined by CDAS partners J. Stephen Sheppard and Nancy E. Wolff. Additional details can be found below and on the BEA website here.

Authors and writers of all types are increasingly being encouraged to foster their readership on social media and “become brands.” But what are the business and legal repercussions of this, and how can authors make sure they are adequately protected and able to monetize their brands? This panel will discuss emerging intellectual property issues in publishing including: registering and protecting trademarks, who owns your social media followers – you or your publisher’ what do authors need to know about legal issues when developing apps and websites, what do authors need to know about using photographs from the web, and protecting their own images, what are the advantages and disadvantages of creating a corporate entity, and what kinds of new publishing deals are arising in the cross-platform age.

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May 27, 2014