CDAS Client 10X Management Featured in Bloomberg Businessweek


DAS Partner Joshua B. Sessler’s client 10X Management is featured in a great story in Bloomberg Businessweek. 10X represents top freelance software programmers, pairing them with Silicon Valley companies, negotiating their salaries, and helping to manage their finances.

According to Bloomberg:

10X Management wants to build a reputation for having the best coders around on speed dial, so that startups in a pinch know they can depend on the company for really talented people. “We want to be the Rolls Royce or Apple,” says Guvench. As traditional agents do—and temp agencies typically don’t—10X also tries to guide the careers of its developers. “There is a lifestyle design aspect to this,” Guvench says. “A lot of these guys eventually want to start their own companies, so we help them take a long-term view.”

For more, read the full article, “Silicon Valley Goes Hollywood: Top Codes Can Now Get Agents” by Ashlee Vance here.

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April 15, 2013