CDAS Successfully Stops Domain Name Abuse

CDAS successfully represented the preeminent international luxury company LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy Group) in National Arbitration Forum proceedings involving a domain name. CDAS partner Jean Albert first obtained a favorable preliminary decision finding a likelihood of success and irreparable harm. The final decision concluded that the defendant had registered the domain name either to harass or embarrass the complainant. (This follows another recent victory by Mr. Albert on behalf of LVMH, for its luxury watchmaker Tag-Heuer, in a WIPO arbitration also related to domain name abuse by another party). Continue reading

“Chaplin: The Musical” Comes to Broadway


From the slums of London to the heights of Hollywood, Chaplin — starting today in previews — is Broadway’s musical journey of the man behind the legend of Charlie Chaplin, chronicling his upbringing, professional breakthroughs and the personal and political scandals of the silent film star. Rob McClure (Avenue Q, I’m Not Rappaport) originated his award-winning role of Chaplin at the La Jolla Playhouse and headlines this 22-person brand new production. Previews begin today, Tuesday, August 21 and it opens Monday, September 10, at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre. Continue reading

“Reveal Day” Unveils 1,930 New Domain Name Applications

On Wednesday, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) – which oversees the international internet address system — unveiled 1,930 applications it had received for new top-level domain names (TLDs). Dubbed “Reveal Day,” ICANN made public the applications for new domain extensions such as .google, .book, .app, .beer, .bank, .cloud and .buy. The flood of new domains promises to fundamentally change the internet, and certainly for brand owners seeking to protect their trademarks. While businesses previously only needed to monitor misuse of their names in addresses ending with .com or .org, etc., now thousands of new domain extensions may open new vistas for infringers and hackers, in particular cyber-squatters, counterfeiters and phishing-spoofers. Continue reading

Eleanor M. Lackman – The New Frontier: Clouds

Eleanor M. Lackman speaks on a panel entitled “The New Frontier: Clouds” as part of the 23rd Annual North American Entertainment, Sports and Intellectual Property Law Conference in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on November 12. This plenary, the closing panel of the conference, focuses on cloud-based media and how to navigate the web of IP, business and legal concerns in this rapidly evolving frontier.

Jennifer Fox’s My Reincarnation In Theaters

The critically-acclaimed documentary My Reincarnation is now in theaters in New York, poised to expand to other markets. Jennifer Fox’s documentary follows Yeshi, the Westernized son of Buddhist master Chogal Namkhai Norbu. Yeshi has been acknowledged since the age of 5 to be the reincarnation of Khyentse, a great Dzogchen Buddhist master himself. Still Yeshi through his teens rebuffs a life expected by others as he remains emotionally estranged from his father. This award-winning film traces Yeshi’s spiritual awakening as he struggles with who he truly is. (Legal: Robert I. Freedman for director/producer Jennifer Fox, and Zohe Films).

Andrea F. Cannistraci at Stock Footage: Creative Uses, Licensing and Fair Use at PIIP

Stock Footage: Creative Uses, Licensing and Fair Use“, an educational event co-hosted by the Parsons Institute for Intellectual Property (PIIP) and the Association of Commercial Stock Footage Licensors (ACSIL), was a great success. Panelists, including Andrea F. Cannistraci, spoke November 3 about the use of stock footage to produce content across media, the creative and legal opportunities and limitations inherent in using stock footage and the practical issues of licensing, clearances and the applicability of Fair Use doctrine. ACSIL is a non-profit association dedicated to promoting and advancing the professional interests of the stock footage industry. The Parsons Institute for Intellectual Property at The New School focuses on the intersections between intellectual property, ownership, expression, culture and media in the 21st Century.

Mobcaster Launches Today!

Mobcaster, a crowd-funding platform / online television channel launches today. Mobcaster pioneers an innovative way to discover and watch new television shows. This site allows TV creators to pitch their show ideas directly to the audience who then have the chance to choose what gets made. If audience members like the concept, they can pledge directly to the shows they want to see and if there is enough support, the show is produced. Fresh, talented writers and producers now have a platform to build their audience who then return to watch original, independent, audience-supported television programming. (Legal: Andrea F. Cannistraci and Joshua B. Sessler).