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eSports: What Teams and Players Need to Know About Endorsement Deals

The explosion of the professional eSports industry has created significant commercial opportunities for teams and individual players alike. As viewership for tournaments and online livestreams increases, and leading eSports personalities grow impressive social media footprints, eSports is increasingly perceived by certain brands as an important component in their marketing, social media and outreach strategy – particularly because eSports increasingly reach “cord cutters” in the coveted 13-34 age bracket in an era where the average age of a CBS broadcast TV viewer is 58.7 years.

With this opportunity for players and teams comes a host of business and legal issues to consider, and potential pitfalls to sidestep. Here we provide a brief list of some of the things that players and teams should consider when entering into sponsorship and endorsement agreements in order to maximize revenues and protect their brands: Continue reading