“Someone Marry Barry”


oday’s Hollywood Reporter looks at the upcoming comedy Someone Marry Barry, starring Tyler Labine, Damon Waynes, Jr. and Lucy Punch, which just wrapped production. The story follows three friends plotting to get rid of their socially inappropriate friend Barry by “marrying him off” — a plan that backfires when Barry’s new wife ends up as bad as he is.

CDAS partner Marc H. Simon is the attorney for the film as well as an executive producer on it and helped package it. Client Jeremy Bailer (Arcadia, Robot and Frank) of Madrose Productions is also an executive producer.

“The funniest, most outrageous characters are often relegated to the role of sidekick,” said director Rob Pearlstein, who was nominated for an Oscar for his live-action short Our Time is Up. “We’re bringing those characters front and center and giving them their own love story.”

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July 23, 2012