Meet Math & Science Prodigy Jake Barnett


fter some time auditing college level physics courses by night, math prodigy Jake Barnett soon dropped-out… of elementary school.

He was 8 years-old.

At age 12 he was doing paid scientific research, and today he is a straight-A honors college sophomore lecturing crowds at his university science symposium. Jake is now 13 years-old.

To help demonstrate he was ready for college, Jake taught himself all of high school mathematics in just two weeks. (His idea of fun is reciting from memory the infinite series of numbers known as pi, he memorized more than 200 in the series, backward and forward, in a single afternoon). Jake is the youngest person to be published in the prestigious physics journal “Physical Review A” and is the subject of a recent 60 Minutes feature. But there was a time when it seemed Jake may never reach college at any age. Diagnosed with autism at age 2, Jake retreated into his own world. It was a world he would later only move out of once he began dedicating his time to things he loved. Today his parents run a center for autistic children called Jacob’s Place.

An agreement with Warner Brothers for Jake’s life story rights was negotiated by CDAS Partners Timothy J. DeBaets and Joshua B. Sessler representing the Barnett family.

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January 18, 2012