Mama’s Boys of the Bronx


eatured recently in The New York Post and the Huffington Post, the reality series Mama’s Boys of the Bronx premieres on TLC on Monday, April 9.

The series stars five boyhood friends in their 30s who each proudly live at home with their mother. The cast includes Anthony, 35, who has given up his job at a car-dealership to pursue his dream of producing a cartoon about the guys in “Da Neighborhood”, Giovanni, 38, (aka Johnny Margarita), an aspiring fashion designer, and Peter, 28, an aspiring actor who teaches math.

As they look to settle down, some try frequent dating to meet a “nice girl” while others look to finally wed their high school sweetheart. It is not easy for them to resist the mounting pressures to marry, but the biggest resistance to their love-lives often comes from “mama” herself. “What you’ll see is a very authentic window into this Italian-American culture in The Bronx,” says TLC’s Alon Orstein, “The stereotype might be that if you’re living at home with your parents you’re stuck there, these guys want to be there.” Joshua B. Sessler represents members of the co-producer {Be}mused LLC.

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March 21, 2012