Fine Art, Photography, Digital and Immersive Art, & Design

CDAS represents a wide range of clients in fine art and the digital space, including artists, photographers, collectors, galleries, museums and other arts organizations, archives, estates, fabricators, and digital platforms.

Along with the traditional functions of representing clients transacting business in these fields, we work with clients to establish collaborative relationships and generate strategies designed to support creative endeavors at every level. Within the public sphere, we represent a wide range of municipal and governmental bodies to develop, maintain, and improve public art, and cultural policy and procedures. From the marketplace to nonprofit institutions, and private interests to the public realm, the CDAS team understands the nuances of the art world and brings years of experience and relationships to the work that we do. Our work includes supporting art practices at every stage, from nascent and emerging careers, to guiding the archives and estates remaining after a lifetime of creativity.  In addition to being engaged in the current traditional art world, the CDAS’ Art Law practice also looks to the future: operating on the bleeding edge of innovation where fine art and emerging technology come together. From blockchain projects to NFT campaigns, augmented reality applications to virtual and immersive experiences, we continue to push ourselves and our clients to consider the possibilities that digital and emerging technologies offer for business and creative pursuits.