Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), NFTs & Emerging Technology

CDAS represents many clients who bring existing businesses to the metaverse as well as clients new to the space.

We work with clients to understand the legal and business implications of generative artificial intelligence (AI) both in dealmaking and litigation. From fine and digital art to publishing; from TV and film to gaming and music; and from celebrity endorsements to publicity and likeness rights, we understand the nuances sand complexities in translating and amplifying new and existing properties in the burgeoning and quickly developing AI space. We are pioneers in guiding clients through the risks and benefits associated with their use and others’ use of AI technologies from licensing and copyrightability concerns and have negotiated and drafted some of the first AI-related contract and licensing terms. We are also actively involved in high-profile copyright infringement litigation over the unauthorized use of copyrighted material for AI “training” purposes and regularly counsel clients in pre-litigation scenarios concerning AI and intellectual property. We also assist clients across the creative disciplines in structuring their presence online using blockchain technology to protect, market, and capitalize on a variety of physical and digital assets. We understand the nuances and complexities in translating and amplifying new and existing properties in the Web 3.0 environment and are experienced and adept at assisting established media and entertainment clients navigate the NFT and blockchain spaces. Our fluency in both the creative industries as well as the blockchain space gives us a uniquely informed perspective and the ability to consistently be highly effective in serving our clients.  We excel in balancing clients’ desires to push the boundaries with innovative products and solutions, while reasonably protecting existing and future intellectual property assets.  Additionally, our deep connections in all creative communities allow us to instigate innovative networking and incubate dynamic relationships for all facets of business development in AI, blockchain, and other emerging technologies.