Client Broadcastr Launches “Next Evolution” App – SPUN


oday CDAS client Broadcastr launched what co-founder and President Scott Lindenbaum calls its “next evolution” — the geo-targeted personalized media app SPUN. “The team sounds pretty proud of its design, and deservedly so,” wrote TechCrunch in its review today.

Last year Broadcastr made headlines for its own location-based app (still available) allowing users to create audio and pin it to real world locations. The team’s newest app, SPUN, curates content from hundreds of media sources and provides a “best of” — Top Stories, Arts & Entertainment, Lifestyle and Food & Drink — targeted to your exact location, letting you browse each of these categories with a user-friendly rotating prism interface. This free app combines editors with aggregators and along with current location, leverages social graphs and personal interests to deliver the most relevant local highlights.

SPUN CEO Andy Hunter likens the app to a “savvy friend who’s up on everything. And like a friend, it can tell you when you’re near a restaurant you want to check out or remind you when a concert is about to start.”

Brooklyn-based startup SPUN’s app is now live in eleven cities: New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Austin and Seattle, with more locations coming soon.

CDAS partner Josh Sessler represents Broadcastr and provided the legal services for SPUN.

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November 28, 2012