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Venture Resources

The CDAS Venture group represents companies at every stage in the corporate life cycle from incubation, startup, growth, angel and venture financing, to merger, acquisition, or IPO.  At the enterprise level, we help Fortune 500 companies plot and execute their corporate strategies to best manage and capitalize upon fundamental changes in the market.

In addition to working on financing transactions, CDAS attorneys work with our clients to understand their long term operational goals and develop winning strategies to address real market opportunities.  We handle choice of entity, partner/shareholder agreements, corporate governance, director and officer liability, joint ventures, equity incentive programs and executive and employee compensation. We also counsel clients on financing through the sale of equity or debt in private placement and institutional/venture financing rounds, mergers and acquisitions, foreign subsidiaries, off-shore capital management and a diverse range of commercial transactions.

CDAS stays up to the minute on the latest financing structures favored by angels, venture capitalists and private equity firms, and is helping to lead the evolution of this quickly developing area of law.  We are familiar with a wide variety of alternative financing methods, including crowd-funding, and have had great success with finance-through-growth strategies involving early deals with critical strategic partners.  Our goal is to help you adopt the best financing strategy, so that you can focus on growing your business.

We develop template agreements and processes for legal workflow and help standardize your confidentiality, assignment of invention, non-competition and other intellectual property related agreements and implement solid employee policies and other compliance documents. We lead negotiations with vendors, banks, landlords, employees, and professional services firms and work efficiently to minimize transaction time and costs.

CDAS attorneys are business-oriented and counsel major industry players on a day-to-day basis. We have developed deep relationships with media companies, major brands, manufacturers and distribution partners worldwide.  We are the ideal partner to serve as general counsel to help grow your business quickly.  Most importantly, we can help you develop the key strategic deals and customer agreements that drive revenue and value to your bottom line.