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CDAS provides full service support to technology companies at every stage of development, from start-up through expansion and maturity to exit.

Our tech-savvy lawyers help start-ups and established companies to assess the legal, business, security and privacy implications of implementing new technology solutions. We conduct diligence in investigating and negotiating ownership of intellectual property, and then assist our clients maximize their IP portfolio. We help clients formulate a go-to-market approach and develop agreements that offer the greatest revenue potential.

As technology companies gain traction in the marketplace, CDAS helps our clients protect and preserve their rights and data security. We are also there to assist clients avail themselves of new market opportunities, including mergers and strategic relationships.

CDAS’ deep involvement in the entertainment and digital media industries provides us with particular insight and experience in new and evolving areas that include media production, digital delivery, mobile technology and content, big data, analytics, metrics, e-commerce, cloud services, SAAS platforms, technology transfer, VR, AR, IoT and robotics.