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CDAS attorneys assist Television, Film, Digital Media, Talent, Theater, Podcasting and Music clients with entertainment projects of all sizes, shepherding our clients’ work through early development, the solicitation of investment, production and ultimate distribution. From an early stage of development, we help our clients secure all necessary rights to their projects and negotiate agreements with top-tier talent. We also regularly serve as production counsel to motion picture, television and digital productions created in the United States and overseas.

Whether for startup entertainment businesses or particular projects or productions, CDAS attorneys help our clients to structure, negotiate, document and close financing transactions of all sizes and types. We work on financings for small closely held companies and funds and projects with budgets in the tens of millions of dollars. We help with angel, mezzanine, debt and equity transactions. Where appropriate, we also assist clients in seeking financing for projects from a broad network of relationships in the entertainment and financing communities.

CDAS attorneys regularly assist content owners with negotiating and executing complex distribution strategies. From major global distribution deals with major motion picture studios to highly innovative and nuanced digital distribution strategies, we ensure that our clients preserve all necessary rights, comply with all delivery requirements, and maximize their return on investment.