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Our firm has some of the country’s leading copyright law practitioners especially focused on copyright in the entertainment and media industries.

CDAS’ team of copyright lawyers possess a breadth and depth of knowledge in copyright matters that is unmatched for a firm of any size. Our firm is one of the founding legal advisors of the Copyright Alliance, and CDAS lawyers hold leadership positions within the ABA Intellectual Property Section and serve on the ABA Internet anti-piracy task force. CDAS lawyers are officers and trustees of the Copyright Society of the USA, have held policy advisory roles at the United States Copyright Office (advising the Register of Copyrights, Congress and the executive branch agencies on international and domestic copyright issues), participated in bilateral and multilateral treaty and other trade negotiations with numerous countries, and have been asked to speak on copyright related issues throughout the world. In addition to advisory roles, our lawyers have represented litigants and amicus parties in the leading copyright cases of our time, including Cartoon Network v. Cablevision, Viacom v. YouTube, UMG v. Veoh and Perfect 10 v. Google , helping to shape the law as copyright and technology converge.

Our lawyers represent leading publishing, media, entertainment, Internet and other technology companies, and authors and artists, in all areas of copyright and related rights, including licensing, litigation, infringement analysis, policy, enforcement, and digital rights. Our work includes advising content companies on copyright enforcement strategies, Section 512 safe harbors and secondary liability. In addition to enforcement and litigation, we assist clients in all aspects of copyright review, filing and recordation of documents with the Copyright Office, preparing chain of title review and counseling clients on copyright termination and reversions. We prepare fair use analyses for film, television and web-based content and develop fair use strategies for new online businesses. Our lawyers vet films and books for all potential intellectual property related issues and advise web-based content providers on protecting copyrightable content and avoiding infringement liability.

We draft and negotiate forms and entertainment and software related agreements, and familiarity with the business of the entertainment industries makes our attorneys an invaluable asset in any transaction. We also offer clients in-house training in areas of copyright and licensing to help staff stay current on areas of copyright and related laws. In all cases, we advise as part of our clients’ business team, looking out for their intellectual property as well as their business interests.