Advertising and Marketing

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We help our clients navigate the complex and evolving world of advertising, marketing and promotions in the digital age.

CDAS’s core focus in the digital media and entertainment industries necessarily provides the firm’s lawyers experience with online, transmedia and social media-based activities. Counting as part of the team former in-house counsel for two advertising agencies, the advertising and marketing group combines depth of legal experience in all types of advertising and marketing matters with a focus on the latest developments in the field.

CDAS lawyers review contest and sweepstakes rules; vet material for third-party IP and publicity claims; negotiate, draft and review client, subcontractor, trade and media-buy agreements; and defend against Section 43(a) false advertising and endorsement claims. The advertising and marketing group has negotiated complex coordinated and co-branded promotion deals; handled user-generated content, photo, video and app design submission contests; prepared contest rules, affidavits and development agreements for sponsored competitions; advised on CAN-SPAM, COPPA and other marketing, endorsement and gaming rules and regulations; and drafted and reviewed privacy policies, online terms of service, sponsorship and event agreements and contest rules.

CDAS lawyers have represented dozens of clients in the entertainment, sports, media, publishing and digital services industries on advertising and marketing matters. The firm presently serves as outside advertising counsel for a major broadband media company, several multi-platform digital marketing companies, digital stock companies, and entertainment talent, bloggers and speakers.