Theatre / Dance

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We counsel our clients on live stage theatre and dance productions, from Broadway to the West End, and other first and second class productions, as well as individual creative personnel, in all aspects of production.

CDAS provides legal services relating to all substantive areas of live stage production, including collaborations and rights acquisition through production, closing and subsidiary rights. In addition to producers, creators and other creative personnel, we work with numerous theatres and dance organizations on a variety of their day-to-day matters, including creation and governance entities, real estate issues and production matters.

We represent the owners and operators of many legitimate dance theatres throughout the country, providing counsel in property acquisition (sale and leasehold interests), property operations and personnel, governmental licenses, requirements and violations and the booking and licensing of the real estate to third party productions.

Our experience in all aspects of theatre and live-stage productions gives us a unique understanding of these areas, and has led to a significant practice representing potential investors and investor syndicates in such ventures.