Television (Traditional to Broadband)

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Our attorneys are on the cutting edge of the transformation of the broadcast and cable television industries to include content and distribution transactions in the areas of Internet, mobile and broadband television in their representation of networks, producers, showrunners, directors, and talent.

Many of our clients working in the television industry create content and/or provide services in the traditional broadcast and television areas; from public television documentaries and high-profile series, to reality programming, as well as to individual directing, producing, and performing services for network and premium cable series. We participate in both the negotiations and drafting for these transactions.

In today’s entertainment environment it is not uncommon for our clients in the other entertainment businesses such as motion picture, theatre, and even visual arts, to develop television, Internet and/or OTT projects. In the emerging fields of Internet, mobile, and broadband HDTV, we represent clients creating content especially for these platforms, as well as companies involved in new distribution models and businesses. We represent a major cable network and work with them on original programming, licensing and acquisitions, ancillary distribution, rating agency and data collection agreements, international distribution, and our trademark and copyright attorneys work with them on intellectual property matters.

Our attorneys working in these areas frequently attend and present at workshops, conferences, and markets geared to the traditional and new television businesses.