Photography / Arts / Design

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CDAS represents some of the most influential creators, and their representatives, in the arts, photography and graphic design.

Our clients include fine artists, sculptors, commercial artists, illustrators, photographers, as well as their estates and collectors. In addition to individual creators, we represent some of the largest distribution and licensing companies for photographers, illustrators and digital artists. We counsel them in matters concerning copyright, trademarks, rights of privacy and publicity, licensing, advertising and promotions. We have extensive experience in all forms of agreements, including acquisitions, auctions, commissions, sales, gallery representation, licensing, publishing, distribution and donor agreements.

CDAS is counsel to a number of leading trade associations and non-profit organizations in this area and assists them in promoting their members’ interests, while keeping them apprised of legal developments that may affect their members. In that regard, CDAS is longstanding counsel to the Digital Media Licensing Association (DMLA), a trade association of image libraries, and has been the voice of the industry in working with the U.S. Copyright Office and Congress.  CDAS has authored many amicus briefs, representing the interests of creators and their representatives in cases having an impact on artists’ rights.

Our lawyers are frequent speakers at professional conferences and seminars, as well as at many leading universities and law schools, on issues relating to the arts, photography and graphic design.