Fashion and Apparel

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Our fashion and apparel clients know that savvy legal advice is always on-trend.

CDAS has widely recognized experience in the fashion industry and counts among its clients fashion companies that cover designs from head to toe. Our fashion and apparel group lawyers know the broad range of legal issues that frequently come up for companies in the fashion and apparel industries – including brand, logo and trademark development and protection, corporate formation and financing, advertising and endorsements, employment and labor negotiation and disputes, anti-counterfeiting and IP enforcement, copyright and trademark registration, e-commerce operations, and negotiation of vendor, licensing and product distribution agreements.

Building on the firm’s IP focus, our team has broad experience in brand clearance, from a regional to a global level, and in enforcing rights against infringing domain names and other unlawful trademark and copyright uses. CDAS lawyers have successfully litigated cases involving fabric and lace designs, Internet counterfeiting and piracy, and vendor and factor contracts. The team counts among its clients start-up, cutting-edge and famous apparel brands; clothing, footwear and jewelry designers; and celebrities who lend their names to fashion lines. Lawyers on the team have represented a variety of clients in the industry, from some of the most iconic names in apparel and jewelry to clothing catalog companies, online and brick-and-mortar apparel and footwear retailers, and fashion marketing firms.