Digital Media

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CDAS represents a wide range of top digital talent including game developers and distributors, digital agencies, production houses, broadband video networks, mobile app developers and social media ventures. We provide counsel to a wide range of social media, transmedia and mobile plays that are using emerging software and hardware technologies to create, develop and distribute content in new ways.

Our deep relationships and knowledge in the entertainment industry, together with our focus in copyright and technology law, give us the edge in negotiating agreements that drive value to our client’s bottom line as well as protecting their creations. We assist our clients in navigating the complex copyright, trademark, technology, and privacy issues involved in their daily businesses and help them stay at the forefront of digital media creation and distribution.

CDAS attorneys started developing digital licensing and distribution agreements in the early 1990s and have continued to refine our approach to these agreements as the law in the digital arena has developed. Today, we deal daily with social media, blogs and other user-generated content issues, DMCA compliance, online contests and promotions, technology platform master services agreements, hosting and cloud computing agreements, terms of use, privacy policies, COPPA compliance, browse-wrap and click-wrap agreements, data protection, and all other aspects of profitably run digital media businesses.